I offer skills based support for entrepreneurs

Business Skills Coaching

I have built a special toolkit for you, my fellow entrepreneur. It’s filled with Future Self Visualizations, Personal Brand Statements and Market Research exercises. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Identify the skills, tools and systems you’ll need for creating and running your business

  • Help you write an attainable and encouraging plan to attain those skills and systems

  • Uncover your strengths, values, wants, needs, non-negotiables, and beliefs that make you YOU so that you know what to tap into when you’re in need of inspiration

  • Clarify what success means to you and what expectations you want to set for yourself and your business

  • Get clear on your unique offering and who your target demographic is

  • What shape/platform/form/look it will take and what are the financial and emotional resources required

  • Your relationship with money - this is a biggie and trust me, we’re going to talk about it

  • Understanding what balance is for you and celebrating your wins and losses along the way

  • Keep you accountable, motivated and excited!