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Cover Letter Writing

Your cover letter is the “how” and “why” of what you do best

I love writing cover letters. I know, sounds crazy, right? But for real, I love writing them because to me, your resume explains the “what” of your professional career, but the cover letter explains the “how” and even more important, the “why”.

Cover letters are an opportunity for story telling and who doesn’t love a good story? I know hiring managers do! Companies want to know more than what you’re capable of. They want to know how you do what you do and what drives you. They want to know you’re greater “why” and to see that it’s in alignment with theirs.

In cover letter writing services I will coach you how to tell your story and how to show that you belong. A cover letter can stand between you getting the call back and you getting nothing, so let me help you get that call.

cover letter services are: $111.00