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Salary Negotiation Workshop - In Person

  • Eagle Rock Cowork 202 Bellevue Ave #1A Montclair, NJ, 07042 United States (map)


  1. Change Your Mindset to View Negotiations as an Opportunity, not a 90’s Horror Movie  

  2. Learn the 3 numbers you need to know going into any negotiation 

  3. Practice Articulating Your Unique Accomplishments, Demonstrating your Impact 

What this Workshop Will Cover: 

  • Learn to change your mindset to view negotiating as an opportunity 

  • Understand your market value so you know how much to ask for

  • Learn when to ask for a raise (hint: it’s NOT during review time) 

  • Confidently discuss your unique value and accomplishments, showing how you impact the business

  • Techniques to help you relieve anxiety

  • Understand gender based biases + how to combat them

  • Review of scenarios you may find yourself in negotiating in a current job

  • Review of scenarios you may find yourself in negotiating for a new job

  • Role play exercises to build your confidence

5 Reasons Why You Need to Learn to Negotiate:

  1. Your current salary will follow you to your next job. By not negotiating your current salary, you’re lowering the number that you’ll get to show your next employer to evaluate your prospective pay in that job, and so on down the road.

    • Executives who negotiated their first salaries out of college stood to make over $500,000 more over their working lives than those who did not. (Source: Linda Babcock)

  2. Negotiating your salary gets you a lot more income, both now and over the long haul.

    • Women who consistently negotiate their salaries earn at least one million more over their lifetimes on average than those who do not. (Source: Linda Babcock) 

  3. Negotiating your salary helps to close the pay gap.

    • The pay gap is both a political and a personal issue. As more women become the primary breadwinners for their families, we benefit not just ourselves, but those we support and the economy as a whole when we learn to effectively negotiate for more money. (Source: Lisa Maatz)

  4. No one will know your worth unless you do.

    • Negotiating your salary shows your employer that you are capable, confident and comfortable with what you have to offer. These are the same skills your employer will value when it comes to increasing your level of responsibility, trusting you with key clients and promoting you into leadership positions. 

  5. In order to get what you want, you have to ask for it. 

    • Unless you ask for what you want — whether that’s money, perks, benefits or responsibilities on the job — you’re unlikely to get it. And you never know what a company is willing to give until you ask! 

This Course is For You if:

  1. You’re Job Searching 

    • You’re actively (or passively) looking for a new job and have either never negotiated in the past or have tried negotiating with little to no success. 

  2. You’re up for a Promotion

    • You’ve been at your current role long enough and are ready to take it to the next level. But, you’re not sure how to ask, when to ask (hint: it’s NOT at review time), or what to ask for. 

  3. You’re a Planner 

    • You want to be ready and prepared with an optimized negotiation pitch so that employers will respect you and say YES. You’re a power house, and you want your pitch to remind people what you’ve done and what you’re worth.

  4. You’re Overwhelmed 

    • The list of do’s and don’ts for salary negotiations leave you yelling “I’m. Gonna. Puke.” I’ve simplified this entire process. Promise.


A willingness to step outside your comfort zone and stand in all your glory. You’re worth the money, it’s time to stand up and ask for it! 

The Clock is Ticking…

In less than 2 hours, I will show you how to negotiate new and current salaries, perks, benefits and responsibilities while delivering to you a much needed toolkit—

  • Your target 3 numbers 

  • How to position yourself to make the ask

  • When to make the ask

  • Pitching your unique value add 

You’re ready to get paid what your worth. I’m ready to show you how.


When is the Salary Negotiation workshop?

Thursday, October 3, 6:30 - 8:00pm 

Where is the Salary Negotiation workshop? 

All workshops will be held at: Good Plans Cafe, 22 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, NJ 07042

Who teaches the workshop?

Emily Eley, the founder and owner of Emily Eley Coaching, teaches the course. 

Emily helps individuals cultivate successful careers through expert advice, one-on-one coaching and in person skills-based courses and workshops. Everything she teaches comes straight from the best kind of expertise—real world experience. Emily has worked in for profit, non-profit, and entrepreneurship roles and enjoys bringing this lived experience to her coaching. In all of her coaching, Emily’s goal is for you to own your space and get the credit you deserve for your work. Get ready to play big! 

What are the software requirements for this course?

There are no software of tech requirements for this course. 

How much does this course cost?

The cost of the Salary Negotiation Workshop is $22. You’ll also get a free downloadable worksheet highlighting takeaways to use after you take the workshop. 

More questions? 

Email Emily at 

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