Learn how to Own Your Space strategically


One of the most powerful lessons you can learn is the importance of owning your space…

When you own your space you say to the world that you belong, that you believe in your unique value and that you have a valid offering to give. This in turn allows others to form a positive impression of you. 

When you fail to own your space, you are unconsciously telling the world, your team and your colleagues that you lack confidence. You give the impression that you, your ideas and your work don’t matter and that your opinion is not worthy. Yuck. That doesn’t feel good even to write.

So what does it mean to own your space? Give me an example…

Owning your space is more than self-confidence. It’s more than the old “fake it till you make it”. It’s also more than just being loud and filling space with noise. Owning your space is about strategy. It’s about knowing how to handle an overt or passive aggressive supervisor. It’s about having the tools to run an effective and inclusive meeting. It’s about truly believing that the time people invest in you is worth it and in turn you invest in others. It’s about playing big and facing the fear that will inevitably come when you stumble. It’s about being scared shitless and doing it anyway because you have the vocabulary to navigate your workplace and your life.

Own Your Space Coaching is for you if:

  • You’re failing to get the credit you deserve at work. Either someone else is getting the credit or your work is going unnoticed

  • You’re stuck trying to navigate an overt or passive aggressive coworker, supervisor, or boss

  • You’ve been stuck at the same salary, pay scale, title, position for too long and you’ve been unsuccessful in moving up

  • You’re getting bulldozed, gaslighted, misunderstood, trampled on at work and are sick to death of it

  • You’re receiving feedback that you are “too emotional/sensitive/hormonal/crazy/dramatic”

  • Your perfectionist tendencies are preventing you from carrying an appropriate workload or you can manage the workload, but are working inappropriate hours

  • You’re drowning in non-promotable tasks (i.e. in charge of coffee runs, making copies, filling in when others are sick, admin/low-visibility tasks when you’re job title is clearly not administrative)

  • You like your work, but dislike the way you’re treated and valued

What does that look like in practice and in coaching?

Over the course of 8 sessions, we will go over these 6 categories:

  • Understanding the Inner Critic and employing your Inner Mentor

    • Where does she come from and what is her purpose? How can you recruit her to be your greatest asset?

  • Embracing your strengths and understanding you greater “why”

    • Understanding what motivates you, examining your Enneagram strengths & weaknesses, and defining the 4 questions you must answer YES to in order to take on a new project

  • Letting go of “perfect” and embracing “good enough”

    • Understanding the constraints of praise & criticism, learn to implementing the 80/20 rule, and conceptualizing the difference between fear & excitement

  • Communicating with power and strategy

    • Getting the credit you deserve at work & how to handle credit thieves, visibility & how to handle non-promotable tasks, learn how to run meetings and committees, institute boundaries & limits, develop muscular language so people listen to you, and how to navigate sexism, discrimination, and overtly or passive aggressive figures at work

  • Getting paid what you’re worth

    • The art of salary negotiations, the 3 numbers you always need to know ahead of time, promotions & raises, navigating PTO and family/parental leave, announcing a pregnancy

  • How to be an empathic leader at any stage in your career

    • Understanding sponsorship and mentorship, the “lift while you rise” principle, how to build a solid network that will serve you for decades, and learning how to call in as well as call out

Own your space coaching is $799 for 8 sessions

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