Are you ready to design clear and loving boundaries?
Are you ready to turn fear & passivity at work into strength & power?
Are you ready to finally find your voice and own your space?

daring to set boundaries at work and in your life is a form of self-love.


“I rarely get credit for all the hard work I do.” “My supervisor is SO passive aggressive.” “I’ve been stuck at the same pay scale for wayyyy too long.” “I would love to put my name in for that promotion, but I don’t know…”My boss said I’m too emotional.” “I received my annual review and they said I wasn’t a team player and I’m too aggressive.” “I’m drowning in office house work.” “I’m such a perfectionist that I end up working twice as long as my peers.” “Am I ever going to GET PAID WHAT I’M WORTH?!?!”

You do your best to advocate for yourself and “speak up”, bit it only gets you so far sometimes. You know you’re capable of so much more if only your boss and peers saw you for what you really are: a badass with a brain and truly unique ideas.

Maybe you’ve been tuning into all the conversations going on about women in the workplace and gender equity and getting paid what you’re worth, but where do you actually start to make this a reality for you, right now?

You wish someone would guide you through navigating these tricky conversations. You wish you had a group of other badass, brilliant female identifying folks to brainstorm with. You wish you had a platform, a home, to try some of these techniques out and not have to worry if you were getting it right the first time.

imagine what it will feel like when you have strong, assertive

and loving boundaries.

Imagine what you’re going to feel like when a boss, coworker or client asks you to work late or over the weekend and you can calmly and assertively say NO. Imagine what you’re going to feel like when you’re crying in the bathroom stall less and sharing your brilliant ideas in the boardroom more.

  • Your career lifts you up and boosts your spirits.

  • You’re resilient and strategic when unexpected bumps come up at work and in your life.

  • You know your boundaries and can articulate them with joy.

  • Your friends, coworkers, family members tell you how radiant and strong you present.

  • You feel a sense of purpose and are proud of the work you do.


 Sound too good to be true? I bet you’ve got some questions…

“I want to have stronger boundaries, but can I really change?”

“How can I institute new boundaries without pissing people off?”

“This seems overwhelming and like a really big undertaking, I don’t know where to start!”

“I want to make more money, but every time I ask, I get denied.”

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you’re learning new skills or creating a path to new goals. There is a lot at stake. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make expensive learning mistakes, burn bridges, bruise your confidence, and fall short of your vision.

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!



Emily is kind-hearted and supportive. Her willingness to take the time to get to know you and bring out the best version of yourself is something I truly feel she was meant to do. Working with her has helped me not only evolve professionally, but also personally. She sincerely means it when she says she wants to help you tap into your authentic self. Working with her will not only provide you the tools you need to better yourself, but also the confidence.

Your career before learning how to own your space:

  • Feeling powerless to create the transformation you so crave and need

  • Long days, long weeks, no time for anything other than work

  • Pay checks falling short of expectations

  • Trying to assert yourself wondering if it will ever actually work

  • Isolation and defeat, questioning if anyone else is struggling this much

  • Literally questioning your sanity

Your career After learning how to own your spacE:

  • You are creating and implementing boundaries that work for you

  • You now describe yourself as resilient and determined

  • You have deeper bonds with your coworkers, clients and family/friends

  • You know what it takes to get paid what you’re worth and get credit for your work

  • You’re more confident using your voice and listening to your inner mentor

  • You’ve got a handle your finances and your future

  • You feel inspired and confident

 When you join this program, you are never alone.