What is Coaching?

Coaching is a safe space to explore your potential, professionally and personally. It’s a conversation about how to take up space and live out loud. Coaching is a partnership where you and I come together to motivate you, the client, to be the fullest version of yourself.

It’s a virtual home where you can exist free of judgement and it’s always confidential.

Coaching leverages vision clarification, strategic planning, personal brand awareness, brainstorming, and other techniques to get you where you want to be. I believe that you have all the answers to your questions, and that coaching can help you realize those answers once again.


In our time together, I will ask questions, utilize my tool set and empower you to:

  • Uncover what you want

  • Acknowledge and overcome obstacles

  • Live out loud and learn

  • Take ownership (for your values, actions and goals)

Coaching is for the individual who is ready to do the work, take up space, and finally live out loud. Are you ready?

What to expect in a coaching session

1) A whole lot of questions

I can promise you I will ask pointed questions, some of which may be uncomfortable, and I may interrupt you from time to time. Know that this comes from a place of love and wanting you to get to your end goal sooner rather than later. I believe excessive politeness can get in the way of clear communication and it’s ok to call that out. And I promise to do that with respect.

2) Recommendations and feedback

I may recommend some wild and amazing ideas on our calls. Know you always have more than just “Yes” and “No” in your toolbox. You can propose an alternative idea and you can ask for some time to sleep on the idea. Any suggestions I make is just that, my suggestion. At the end of the day it’s up to you to accept, decline, change, or hold off on all actions.

3) Self reflection and note-taking (for both of us)

Coaching sessions are different than everyday conversations. There will be times where one of us will need to pause, think, and then decide and there will be times where we each might need to take notes and table the thought for later in the week or the next session. It’s important for me to be able to take occasional notes so I can remember to ask you about the ideas later.


Lastly, know ahead that working with me is just that: WORK

I will ask you to write (a lot), to brainstorm, to complete homework and action items, and to share what you’re thinking and feeling. Why do I ask this much of you? Because I know you can do it and because I can guarantee these writing assignments will help you find clarity and will move you in the direction of living out loud -- of living your greatest calling.

Service and Fees:

Coaching typically consists of between eight to twelve 50-min coaching sessions, which we will discuss and determine during your complimentary discovery call. The sessions may be spread out over the next 2-5 months and are available virtually (by phone or Zoom) to accommodate for flexibility in your location.

The package includes unlimited email and Voxer correspondence between sessions because the journey to living out loud also happens outside the 50-minutes we’re together. Action items will be provided to you each session to encourage you to move in a productive direction.

Career & Business Coaching are sold as an 8-session package for $1,222.00. Typically clients complete their goals within 1-2 packages. (Reminder: it takes 6-9 months on average to make a career change!)

Reminder: Coaching Services are tax-deductible!