Made 4 More


Want to start or grow your business?

...and keep your humanity intact?

This is for you.

Start with a rad business idea. Build an ethical marketing plan. Graduate with a sustainable sales strategy that honors you, the planet, and the folks you serve. 

Made 4 More is back. 4th year in a row and better than ever. You can now do M4M solo or with me, Emily, in a one-on-one container.

Come see why dozens of folks love and recommend this anti-capitalist business coaching program. 



Made 4 More is a good fit if you are:

  • a service provider, brick & mortar, or product-based business owner looking for more consistent sales without literally selling your soul or riding the feast-or-famine rollercoaster 
  • a budding small business owner who wants to build something sustainable, ethical, that also pays your bills (rather than starting a business just to remain stuck in the time-for-money hustle and eventually burning it to the ground) 
  • a corporate employee (with the heart of a small business owner) tired of being confined to endless Teams meetings & 24/7 emails and fully aware you're capable of so much more ( starting a business) 
  • someone who is exhausted and honestly angry with the "business as usual" while so much of our world is burning. you're ready to explore doing business differently, willing to push against dominant culture and status quo norms, and knows the capitalist system we're all existing in isn't actually benefiting us or the folks we serve

I've been in other business coaching relationships before and this is the first time I've felt like I'm building systems and practices tailor-made for me and how I work best.

In my first 1:1 conversation with Emily, she immediately dialed in on how my strengths were actually operating at such a high that they were getting in the way of some of my other goals. I felt so seen and valued for who I uniquely am - without any sense of judgement.



by the end of our time together you'll have:

Completed thorough market research  

instead of spending yet another year toying with different ideas, pitching them to the world only for them to fall flat

Designed a truly customized & rad offer

by building out an efficient framework that shows your ideal folks exactly what they can expect from working with you


Defined & tested Your 3 key messages 

so you know inside and out what your folks really want to hear from you no matter the platform and how to nurture real relationships 

Built an ethical & consent-based marketing plan  

including defining (possibly healing) your relationship with social media, email, and other forms of "audience building" 

Crafted a sustainable sales strategy   

that honors you and your people as whole human beings and is adaptable as seasons shift and needs change

Explored your relationship to capitalism    

and begun to unlearn decades of conditioning and develop activist-inspired ways to use your business to challenge dominant culture in your industry

 but above all else...


Made 4 More will give you the confidence to
finally build a business that provides ecological
and social valuewith and without financial return. 


Made 4 More has validated my core belief that success is not synonymous with hustle and heartache.

Working with Emily has given me practical and useful tools to make a healthy and happy version of success a reality for me and my team.  

I have completely transformed how I evaluate the work to take on. I now assess how well any initiative or project aligns with my strengths and what brings me joy, in addition to what has the most growth potential.


There are 2 ways you can engage with Made 4 More.

Pick your journey! 

M4M with Emily

Your first option is to go through the Made 4 More curriculum with me, Emily, as your private anti-capitalist business coach. You'll complete an assessment of your greatest needs currently and I will walk you step-by-step through all the curriculum and activities to help you grow an anti-capitalist business than still covers your financial needs. 

This version of M4M, and only this version, has multiple financial aid options available. If you're in Vermont you could potentially get this entire version paid for by the state! 



Fill out a short application to learn more. Payment plans are also available. 


M4M at your own pace

You don't need a coach right now. But you do need some support/are ready to learn new things about doing business differently. This version of Made 4 More is a self-paced online course. Actually, it's a few courses! 

Take a quick 3 minute quiz and I'll help you figure out which of my two courses is the best fit for you right now. Or! Buy both and get the bonus course on sustainable sales strategies and have all you need to get a rad offer up and running, marketed and sold. 

DIY courses start at $299


Scroll down to take the M4M quiz and get the best fit course for you!  


Tell me more about doing Made 4 More with Emily... 

If you choose the Made 4 more with me version here's a bit of what you can expect! 

Step 1: needs assessment & 90-day plan creation

Over the course of 4 months we'll have 8 one-on-one calls. In our first call we'll do what I like to call a needs assessment. What do you, the folks who rely on you, and your business need right now? From there we'll develop our first 90-day plan. 

Step 2: start the curriculum 

After completing your needs assessment you will fall into one of 3 buckets: market research & offer development, marketing, or sales. We will use the curriculum to support these activities and every other week you will come to your one-on-one call with homework complete and data to discuss. We will also begin to explore a deep unlearning I find all clients go through and enjoy: breaking up with hustle culture, finding your activist voice, and refusing "business as usual".

Step 3: monitor & assess 

Sessions 3-7 will be dedicated to monitoring how your work is progressing and influecing your needs and goals. We'll make adjustments as necessary and hold space for the inherent contradictions between prioritizing people and planet over profit while living in a capitalist system. 

Step 4: reflect & plan next steps 

In our final session we will reflect on all the work you've done (and gleefully not done!) and strategize on what makes the most sense for next steps and feels fun and joyful. If it's extending our container to work more, amazing, and if it's you going out and finding more resources to support your journey, totally rad. You'll leave the 4 months feeling like you know exactly what's next. 


add my name to the waitlist, please! 

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By signing up for the waitlist, you agree that I may send you emails regarding updates, offers and other marketing messages. I promise to honor your inbox and only send you messages I think you'll love. You may unsubscribe at any time, although I'll miss you!

and tell me more about doing M4M solo...

There are two different tracks for the M4M curriculum: the Scientist Track and the Storyteller Track. There's also a bonus track called the Shopkeeper that you can add on, but is not sold independently. Click the boxes below to read more about these tracks and don't forget to take the quiz to get my opinion one which would be most useful to you right now! 

the Scientist Track

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the Storyteller Track

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the M4M Bundle 

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The Shopkeeper Add on Info

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a note on money and pricing...


It can often be challenging to know how much to price something. I work with clients on this every day in Made 4 More. While I readily acknowledge that “charge what you’re worth” has helped lots of marginalized folks ask for more, it also reinforces internalized capitalism. There is truly no dollar amount to ascribe to your worth. Your worth is beyond financial metrics. 

Instead I hope to help you identify what you must charge to meet your needs, the needs of your team, family, and community. In order to meet my personal needs and the needs of others who depend on me, I charge $3,000 to work with me 1:1. 

I know that the price point I have come to is out of reach for some. If that is you, I strongly encourage you to reach out and see how I work with folks experiencing financial hardship. I have limited scholarships available, I work with 2 separate grant providers, and I'm also quite savvy at helping you find money. All you have to do is ask! 

Can we talk money?

Emma G.

Tattooist, Artist, Studio Owner

The groundwork Emily did with us helped me regain my focus, organize my time better, and feel less stressed while actually accomplishing more. Her knowledge of various tools and platforms has helped me manage my workflow and become more efficient and effective with social media.

Jennifer W.

Certified Financial Planner

The support is incredible, the ability to learn from each other, and access to a teacher who truly wants you to succeed! Emily is there for you every step of the way—giving you the tools so we can all show up for ourselves and succeed.


Catie O.

Greeting Cards Maker 

Made 4 More has given me the confidence to lean into my entrepreneurial goals and the courage to start taking up space in the world. In less than 3 months, this incredible program supported me while I figured out how to start my business.

chat with a Made 4 More alumni or student directly! 

Chat with a M4M alumni or student (your choice!) directly by clicking the button below. They know the program like the back of their hand and are JAZZED to talk to you about it.

Just specify in the email if you'd like to talk to someone who's actively in the program now or someone who has graduated, and if there are any specific types of business owners you'd like to be introduced to! 

request a chat!

or, chat with me directly! 

Why make big decisions alone? After you complete the short application at the button, we will schedule a 15-minute call to chat. Are you right for Made 4 More? Heck, is Made 4 More right for you?

I promise to always have your best interest at heart. If I think I can help with what you're working on, I'll let you know. And if I don't think I'm the best fit for you (because sometimes I'm not!), I'll be honest about that too and do my best to make a helpful referral. I'm here to answer any of your questions!

I'd love to chat!

what's inside Made 4 More?


Take the quiz below to see which track I recommend starting with. It'll take you about 3 minutes to complete!

questions your fellow Made 4 More friends asked before signing up...

Hey! I'm Emily.  

I'm an Anti-Capitalist Business Coach and fierce advocate for small business owners. I've spent the last 8 years studying capitalism, individualism, neoliberalism and labor. Understanding power is at the root of essentially everything I do.

I've devoted my career to teaching folks how to grow ethics-based and values-driven businesses without exploiting their energy, the planet's energy, or anyone else's. I do this mostly through my anti-capitalist business coaching program, Made 4 More. In addition to running Emily Eley Creative, I'm also a mama to two tiny humans, a partner, a CrossFit athlete, an activist, and a small scale carpenter.

My mission is to empower womxn-owned business, BIPOC-owned business, queer-owned business and other folx from marginalized communities to generate social and ecological value with and without financial return.

If you speak strengths, my top 5 CliftonStrengths are: Activator, Maximizer, Strategic, Communication, and Futuristic.