Helping folks envision a post-capitalist world, one conversation (or carpentry project) at a time.

Hey! I'm Emily.


I come to you as an anti-capitalist business coach, activist, socialist-vibing facilitator, carpenter, and mother. 

I believe in a post-capitalist world that prioritizes people (and the environment) over profit. My mission is to give you - radical small business owner - strength, permission, and know-how to design a business that generates social and ecological value with and without financial return. 

I'm so happy you're here. 



What if you could prioritize people over profit?

Here's how Emily can help:

Anti-Capitalist Business Coaching

Start with a rad business idea. Build an ethical marketing plan. Graduate with a sustainable sales strategy that honors you and the folks you serve. 

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Small Scale Carpentry

Emily is currently taking on small scale carpentry and handywoman work. Check out some of her projects and submit an inquiry here.

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It’s time to ditch the stale conferences, flat workshops, and unproductive month(s)-long courses. Emily helps folks imagine how they can shape the world of small business and the communities they wish to be a part of. Topics include balancing the real need to earn a living and wanting to serve your community, navigating perfectionism, imposter syndrome & individualism, ethical marketing & sales, as well as building truly progressive and radical systems for change, plus more!

Whether you’re interested in keynote speaking or bringing Emily in to run a multi-week course or bootcamp for you, please click the button below to contact Emily for more information.

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Need help paying for anti-capitalist business coaching?

Emily's Made 4 More anti-capitalist business coaching program is proud to be a VSAC approved school. This means if you're a Vermont resident, you may qualify for up to a $3,000 grant to work with Emily. 

This is money you do not have to pay back! And the application is quite easy. Click the button below to learn more about Emily's coaching and how to apply for this grant. 

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like to read? I like to write! 

Which should I build first: the audience or the offer?

Apr 13, 2022

What I'm doing in 2023 for Marketing, Sales, & Product Suite

Feb 23, 2023

Marketing without social media? Yup, it's totally possible. 


Wouldn't it be nice if you could market your radical business without ever signing¬†in to Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, X...ūü§™

In this FREE 90-minute workshop, Emily will walk you through not one but five alternatives to social media to market and grow your small business. For so many folks social media has been nothing short of an anxiety attack on repeat and we believe it's not a "necessary evil" to doing business well. Grab this free workshop today! 

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A little disclaimer. I don't support the use of income report marketing on my site. This means you'll almost never see a testimonial or case study from my clients based solely on their income reports or other vanity metrics. I'm interested in supporting sustainable, regenerative, ethical businesses and have no need for marketing strategies that don't align with that mission. Don't be alarmed to not see a lot of money-focused data here. My folks are making money, we've just decided it's not the most interesting thing we do.