Identifying what we want to do with our lives can be challenging to say the very least. I know, it’s been my story for most of my adult life.

I spent the last decade “finding myself” and I’m here to report back: I was NEVER actually lost, and neither are YOU.


We've all heard a friend, or ourselves, say "I'm just trying to find myself, whatever that is". Well, guess what? I'm here to remind you that you were never lost and that "finding yourself" is actually RETURNING to yourself.

I believe our true self gets buried by cultural conditioning (ALL the things your parents and teachers said you "should" do), other people's opinions, and often wildly inaccurate conclusions you wrote up over the years that became your truths. I'm here to help you dismantle that and get back to what you're really meant to be doing: LIVING YOUR CALLING, creatively.

I get you. I've been in your shoes AND I can help you make a change. Every job I have ever had I designed from my own creative thinking and out-of-the-box problem solving and I’d love to teach you how to do the same.

I believe in exploiting the power of uncertainty, finding movement in the face of fear, and playing big. Creativity and authenticity are the name of my game and I am excited to show you the tools I've developed to help you move from, "My job sucks and I have no purpose" to "I am living my greatest calling AND I'm making money doing it".

Fear and uncertainty can get in our way and so often all we're looking for is permission to change it up and try something new. I am here to write that permission slip: YOU CAN DO THIS, and let's talk about "how". Let's take on the scary (and exciting!) steps in life together AND I'll help you build your toolkit so that you’re successful when you get there.


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