Exploring what it looks like to prioritize people and the planet over profits. 


Whether you're a small business owner looking for some radical, socialist-vibing business coaching, the ED of a nonprofit looking for a facilitator to come in and mix things up for your org, or a for-profit business curious what it might look like to shift towards a more equitable way, scroll down and find a support that works for you.

We're not stuck and a post-capitalist world is possible for all of us.

Welcome, comrade! 

Building a post-capitalist world will take all of us. It's a practice in co-creation and collective liberation.

Here's how Emily can help:

Anti-Capitalist Business Coaching 

Get access to the entire M4M curriculum just like in the DIY course, but walk through it start to finish with Emily in a one-to-one coaching container. 

Need help paying for this? M4M the Coaching Container is grant funded. Reach out to see if you qualify!


Public or Private Speaking 

Emily brings her expert knowledge, breadth of experience, and playful humor to challenge audiences to dig down to the root of why and how we do business, create communities, and build organizations. Emily speaks on a range of topics and has experience talking on a stage in front of 100's of humans, live on the radio, and recorded for your rad podcast.


Curriculum Development & Program Facilitation 

Emily has extensive experience and deep collaborative knowledge around curriculum development and group facilitation. Check out some of the public and private programs folks have hired Emily to run and inquire to see if Emily can help you bring your program to life too!


Custom Carpentry 

It seems like many small business owners are multi-passionate and Emily is not the exception to the rule! Emily is also a beginner carpenter in the Burlington, VT area. If you're looking for a carpenter to work on small to mid-sized jobs locally, reach out!



Book Emily 

It’s time to ditch the stale conferences, flat workshops, and unproductive month(s)-long courses. Emily helps folks imagine how they can shape the world of small business and the communities they wish to be a part of. Topics include balancing the real need to earn a living and wanting to serve your community, navigating perfectionism, imposter syndrome & individualism, as well as building truly progressive and radical systems for change, plus more!

Whether you’re interested in keynote speaking or bringing Emily in to run a multi-week course or bootcamp for you, please click the button below to contact Emily for more information.


Made 4 More the Digital Course  

Anyone has the ability to build a business well with the right set of skills. In this 12-week digital learning experience, you’ll learn the core lessons to help you create and execute a meaningful and connected business. Good business is about more than just profit. In M4M we know that to be true. 


Imagine being able to build a profitable business with intention. You're confident navigating big goals both revenue wise and impact. 

The challenges of small business ownership are still there, but you are so much confident about how to navigate them. You're grounded, calm, and in control.  

Our classes are here to act as a guide, so that you can contribute to the change you're looking to see in this world, and you can pay your bills while you do it. 

Low Cost Classes

5 Days To Take Back Your Time

How often do you use the word "busy"? Like, "I wish I could, but I'm just sooo busy". The 5 Days to Take Back Your Time Challenge will give you the tools you need to initiate a permanent breakup from busyness, institute and enforce new boundaries, understand where your time is going, identify who benefits from your busyness, and teach you how to make more time whenever you want it.


The Strengths-Based Business Bundle 

You have a Zone of Genius. It's the place where the work doesn't ever feel like work. You can do it all day without getting tired or bored. This is you in your top 5 CliftonStrengths. The Strengths-Based Business Bundle will teach you about your profile, how to build an offer in alignment with it, and how to hire your first team member to support you in this growth. 


People Over Profit: 3 Simple Ways to Grow an Anti-Capitalist Business and Still Make Money

If you’ve been thinking about what else your business can do other than simply build and amass more individual wealth, but also, you kinda need to keep making some money, this class is for you. 




Ask Me Anything About Money & Business 

In 2021, only 3 years into business, Emily Eley Coaching hit their first 6-figure year. In this prerecorded workshop Emily walks you through all of her finances leading up to this milestone, what strategies she used to hit her first $100k, and what she's doing differently (and the same!) in year 4 of her business. If you're looking for a safe space to talk money, growth, and anything else "taboo" in business, this is the class for you! 


Hey! I'm Emily.  

I'm an Anti-Capitalist Business Coach and fierce advocate for small business owners. I've spent the last 8 years studying capitalism, individualism, neoliberalism and labor. Understanding power is at the root of essentially everything I do.

I've devoted my career to teaching folks how to grow ethics-based and values-driven businesses without exploiting their energy, the planet's energy, or anyone else's. I do this mostly through my anti-capitalist business coaching program, Made 4 More. In addition to running Emily Eley Creative, I'm also a mama to two tiny humans, a partner, a CrossFit athlete, an activist, and a small scale carpenter.

My mission is to empower womxn-owned business, BIPOC-owned business, queer-owned business and other folx from marginalized communities to generate social and ecological value with and without financial return.

If you speak strengths, my top 5 CliftonStrengths are: Activator, Maximizer, Strategic, Communication, and Futuristic.