What Do I Do When My Client Ghosts Me?

business entrepreneur instincts mindset Aug 18, 2020

Getting ghosted by a client can happen for a number of reasons.

And I’ve struggled in the past to not take it personally. After all, you’re the one they’re ghosting. It can be easily triggering and emotional. 

I’ve written these scripts to help you get the conversation started, because friend, it’s in BOTH of your best interests to connect and rekindle the flow of communication. 

Whether you’re waiting for them to pay you or you need their input before you can go further on a project, these scripts are designed to lead with empathy and create connection, because let’s be real, you signed this person for a reason, you like them, you want to help them.

Let me know below, have you been ghosted by a client and how did you handle it?




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