Transform Your Business Into a Strengths-Based Powerhouse

Our clients are reporting their BIGGEST MONTHS EVER by launching and selling strengths-based offers and hiring strengths-led teams...This exclusive business workshop bundle will show you exactly what they are doing that’s working NOW. Design your strengths-based offer to be scalable, learn the best way to hire, and spend way more time in your zone of genius from the start!


Being out of alignment with your Strengths is a downward spiral

You’re resisting certain tasks, conversations, and projects.

You’re feeling drained by some of the many “must-do’s” that come with business ownership, and you aren’t sure how to pull yourself out of it.

You wish you had an employee who who was jazzed to do the shit you hate, but you’ve always deemed hiring to be "next quarter".

You’re not even sure how to figure out how much it’ll cost, how to find the right person, or how to be someone’s boss.

You’re ready to grow your business and make more money, but your time and energy is spread thin as it is and you don’t know how to build a scalable offer without exhausting yourself further.

How does anyone do all of this?


Your business can be different.

What if you were on this business adventure equipped with the tools to help you and your team get and stay in alignment with your strengths? 

Imagine being able to lead, hire, and scale your offer with profound intention.


  • You feel confident being at the helm and delegating to your team not only because you understand your own strengths, but because you understand theirs, too.
  • You know exactly what you are looking for in an employee because you understand where the gaps in your strengths are and the importance of hiring someone who can fill them in with their own.
  • You have a scalable offer that you enjoy creating because it's in direct alignment with your strengths profile. You’re energized and doing more of what you love in your business.

Introducing Our Strengths-Based Business Bundle! 

With our Strengths-Based Business Bundle, you get access to our three core Strengths-Based workshops so that you can apply this genius strategy to your business, right now.


WORKSHOP #1: Leading with Strengths in your Business 

Understanding your own strengths is one of the most important parts of being a leader in your business. It starts with knowing what you do inherently well and what energizes you so that you can effectively and sustainably grow your team, revenue, and ideal client base.

WORKSHOP #2: A Strengths-Based Approach to Scalable Offers

Your strengths profile is 1 in 3 million! Your offer should be just as unique. In this session you'll learn how to create a scalable offer you will stick with while maintaining the level of intimacy and high touch that you're known for.

WORKSHOP #3: A Strengths-Based Approach to Hiring

Hiring employees whose' strengths complement your own is crucial to the longevity of your business. Curating a team of diverse individual with diverse strengths profiles will not only help your company to become more multi-talented, but will ensure that each of you are doing the things that energize you and that you are naturally good at


Concrete tools to amplify your business journey.

Calling on the techniques I’ve used with countless entrepreneurs and business owners who used to struggle with the same things you do, I’ve taken my high ticket private coaching and boiled it down into these three approachable and digestible workshops for you to take your business from great to greatest.

The knowledge you’ll acquire is rooted in data from millions of CliftonStrengths assessments from the Gallup Organization.

Through the Strengths-Based Business Workshop Bundle that I created, business owners will learn how to effectively utilize their CliftonStrengths to curate a business that is in direct alignment with what they were born to do.


“Emily helped me achieve my highest-revenue-ever month and quarter by $100k in 4 years of business! And I was able to do it sustainably, without burnout. The systems Emily helped me put in place have already helped me start the year ahead of where I thought I'd be.”


I've already tripled my sales! Since I started working with Emily just a few months ago, I've already tripled my sales for the past quarter! Plus, I've gained so much focus, direction, and clarity in my business, and I've made a huge mindset shift!


Learn to implement your inherent strengths in your business, and teach your team how to do the same.

By completing all three workshops in our Strengths-Based Business Bundle, you’ll build a toolbox to feel confident leading your business, hiring your team, and scaling your offers.

Wherever you are on your business journey, these workshops will help you bring awareness and intention to it.

If you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in business for years, these workshops will ensure that what you’re offering the world not only looks like magic from the outside, but feels like magic to you, on the inside.

Workshop #1: Leading With Strengths in Your Business

By completing Leading With Strengths in Your Business you will:

  • Gain deep understanding of your strengths and how to apply them to your business

  • Learn to achieve results using the strengths you have instead of the ones you think you should have

  • Gain confidence leading, expanding, and even talking about your business 

  • Move from feeling exhausted to feeling energized both within and outside of your business

  • Curate and nurture a business strategy that is in direct alignment with your strengths

  • Grow your team, revenue, and ideal client base 

  • Better understand what parts of your business energize you and which parts drain you

Workshop #2: A Strengths-Based Approach to Scalable Offers

By completing A Strengths-Based Approach to Scalable Offers you will:

  • Create a product in direct alignment with your strengths profile

  • Do more of what you love in your business

  • Gain tools to generate more revenue through scalable offers, not 1:1 work

  • Build a unique offer using your strengths so that the work you put in has optimal return on investment

  • Maintain the intimacy and high touch you're known for while working less hours

  • Get your business to make you more money without having to invest more time and energy than you already are

Workshop #3: A Strengths-Based Approach to Hiring

By completing A Strengths-Based Approach to Hiring you will:

  • Identify the gaps in your team, and how fill them in
  • Hire an employee who loves (and is good at) the things in your business that feel out of alignment with your own strengths
  • Learn what strengths complement your own, and how to find employees who have these strengths
  • Understand how to effectively and sustainably grow your team so that the hires your make (and you!) are spending the majority of your time working in your zone of genius.
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your team based on your strengths and theirs so that everyone involved is doing what they do best

You're ONE click away from creating a strengths-based offer and hiring your rad new team member!



Joining Made 4 More has been one of the best investments I made for my business. My list has grown by 40%, my sales calls have gone from intermittent to weekly, and new clients keep coming my way. Made 4 More has allowed me to do that (and keep doing that), and as an added bonus I've gained a squad of cheerleaders and collaborators to support me on my journey.


I was feeling unmotivated and powerless in my career direction and in my life. I was surprised how accepted and appreciated I felt participating in this group of rad womxn. I was surprised I was not only inspired by their ambitions but that I started to implement their energy and courage into my own actions. Emily's framework also really helped me conceptualize my future content.

Hey there! I'm Emily

I'm a Strengths-Based Business Coach and the creator of the Made 4 More Mastermind. I specialize in helping you take up space in the world and play big in your business. In the past 4 years, I've helped hundreds of folx scale their businesses and generate their highest grossing months all while working less and getting paid more.

I've got a strong track record of helping womxn identify their unique zone of genius, design scaleable offers in any industry, and hire dream teams allowing you the flexibility and stability to do all the other aspects of life you're made for.

When you know how to stand in your strengths, you can build a business that will be profitable and impactful year after year.

You deserve to have a business uniquely tailored to you and your strengths, not some fancy influencer who has almost nothing in common with you. Maybe you’ve been told you had to follow some specific strategy to be successful. Friend, it’s never too late to build new habits and patterns that fit you and your business. 

Now is your chance to rewrite those narratives and start fresh. By building your strengths toolbox, you can be that strong foundation you’ve been searching for. You’ll discover a stronger connection to yourself, your staff, your family, and your community as you dive into this important work.

Our goal is to do business differently.

We live in a world that profits from keeping womxn feeling and acting small. We want more, and we think you do, too. We believe you can learn to grow a profitable business, fall madly in love with your brain, and make a real impact in the world. Our mission is to show you how.

These workshops aren’t a quick fix, because you know at this point that there are no "quick fixes". These workshops will require you to pull up your sleeves, to get in the weeds of what makes your business unique and to think outside the box of what capitalism and hustle culture have ingrained in you. 

We can promise this won’t always be easy, but we can also promise the work will be worth it. Join us in learning a new way to do business. 



The groundwork Emily did with us helped me regain my focus, organize my time better, and feel less stressed while actually accomplishing more. Her knowledge of various tools and platforms has helped me manage my workflow and become more efficient and effective with social media.


Because of Emily's knowledge and support, I’ve gone from depressed and not leaving bed to feeling confident and working towards tangible goals!

Friend, let’s rewrite the narrative that told us to constantly work harder, that told us there's only one way to be successful. Let’s build our strengths-based businesses and make money while honoring those around us.

If you never felt totally at home in your business, if you've known all along you weren't working in your zone of genius, if you've been stuck trying tactics that never work for you, there’s still time to change those patterns and build the tools to help you and your business grow with fewer struggles and more impact.

Our Strengths-Based Business Bundle will help you do it. Let’s start this business journey right now!

The Strengths-Based Business Bundle


  • 6 Months Access to 3 Actionable Workshops & The Bonus Q&A with our Expert Panel
  • Workshop #1: Leading With Strengths In Your Business
  • Workshop #2: Design and Deliver an Irresistible, Valuable Strengths-Based Offer
  • Workshop #3: Million Dollar Team Building: When to Hire, Who to Hire, and How to Delegate
  • Bonus Workshop with Special Guests: Behind the Scenes of Launching and Scaling Successful Strengths-Based Businesses
  • Dozens of pages of High Value Workbooks walking you step by step through the lessons
  • The 5 Ways to Make $5k in 5 Weeks Roadmap
  • The New Hire Checklist 

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