What if you could run your radical small business without creating endless content for social media?


Could it actually be possible?


Could you still get new clients and grow your values-based business without doing Instagram (and TikTok, and X, and Facebook, and LinkedIn, and...ūü§™)?

In this 90-minute FREE workshop, anti-capitalist business coach, Emily Eley, will walk you through five tangible strategies for marketing and growing your business outside of social media. 

You deserve a marketing strategy that honors you and the folks you sell to as whole human beings. 

Drop your info below to get this workshop and get marketing in a way that doesn't immediately crush your soul! 

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Hey! I'm Emily.  

I'm an Anti-Capitalist Business Coach and fierce advocate for small business owners. I've spent the last 8 years studying capitalism, individualism, neoliberalism and labor. Understanding power is at the root of essentially everything I do.

I've devoted my career to teaching folks how to grow ethics-based and values-driven businesses without exploiting their energy or anyone else's. I do this mostly through my personalized business coaching program, Made 4 More. I’m also a mama to two rad little little humans and an activist here locally in Burlington. 

My mission is to support womxn-owned businesses, BIPOC-owned businesses, queer-owned businesses and other folks from marginalized communities to generate social and ecological value, with and without financial return.

If you speak strengths, my top 5 CliftonStrengths are: Activator, Maximizer, Strategic, Communication, and Futuristic.