You don’t need 6 months to build an offer that can create some financial breathing room in your business. You just need 5 weeks, and a roadmap.




gimme that roadmap!

You’re ready to build a scalable offer, but so help me Athena, if one more person tells you to build a DIY course you might just scream/burn the whole thing down and start a llama farm in the woods.

You know there has to be another way to scale that’s not a course, but you’re not sure what that is, or how how long it'll take to build it.

You hate the impersonal vibe of courses and have seen how essentially no one even opens them after they purchase. 

There's gotta be a better way to not only support you and your business, but to actually deliver value to your ideal clients and customers. 

Imagine being able to do the rad impactful stuff you’re already doing with clients, but on a bigger scale without it taking more of your time or energy.

You could go down to 4 days a week of work. You could finally take that damn mountain biking vacation you’ve been dreaming about and promising your partner for oh, you know, 2 years now? You could work less and continue to earn more.

Shoot, you could hire that marketing assistant you've been dreaming about because good-god if you have to come up with one more IG carousel...bah! 

The 5 Ways to Make $5k in 5 Weeks Roadmap will walk you through how to choose, launch, and deliver a scalable offer tailored to your specific strengths—not someone else’s. 

I'm so in for this. Show me the roadmap!

Hey, friend! 

I'm Emily. I'm a Strengths-Based Business Coach and fierce advocate for womxn entrepreneurs. I despise hustle culture and any narrative that tells me I need to be (or feel) busy in order to be worthy or make money. 

I've devoted my career to teaching womxn and their supporters how to grow ethics-based and values-driven businesses without exploiting their energy or anyone elses. We've historially been taught to undervalue our time, give endlessly, and feel shameful dare we charge a penny for it. We've also been taught that running a business is "hard" and "should be" a lot of work. 

My mission is to empower womxn-owned business, BIPOC-owned business, queer-owned business and other folx from marginalized communities to generate significant wealth, and make their unique impact on the world.

I created my scalable offer, Made 4 More, to bring a safe space into the world for womxn like you to dream, build, grow, and rest. Will you join us on our mission?

My Top 5 CliftonStrengths are: Activator, Maximizer, Strategic, Communication, Futuristic

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