Helping folks envision a post-capitalist world, one conversation (or carpentry project) at a time.

The Anti-Capitalist Business Practices Guide

Thinking about what it means to be an anti-capitalist business? Wondering what your peers are working on in terms of consent-based sales strategies and ethical marketing plans? With the help of dozens of small business owners, we've compiled a live, consistently being added to, guide you can use as a roadmap to building a business that serves the collective good. 


The Marketing Without Social Media Workshop 

For many anti-capitalist small business owners social media has become hands down the worst task in their business. Often described as the bane of one's existence. Necessary evil? We think not! In this free workshop you'll learn about 5 other ways to engage with marketing (and sales) that won't crush your soul or exhaust you and actually work. Yay! 


Grow a business and keep your humanity intact.


Start with a rad business idea. Build an ethical marketing plan. Graduate with a sustainable sales strategy that honors you and the folks you serve. Made 4 More is back. 3rd year in a row and better than ever. 

Come see why dozens of folks love and recommend this anti-capitalist business coaching program. 



like to read? I like to write! 

Which should I build first: the audience or the offer?

Apr 13, 2022

What I'm doing in 2023 for Marketing, Sales, & Product Suite

Feb 23, 2023

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Building a post-capitalist world will take all of us. It's a practice in co-creation and collective liberation.

Here's how Emily can help:

Take the Made 4 More Course


Want to grow a business?...and keep your humanity intact? This is for you. Start with a rad business idea. Build an ethical marketing plan. Graduate with a sustainable sales strategy that honors you and the folks you serve. Join us now! 


Explore Free & Low Cost Resources  

What could the next version of your business look like? Explore a number of resources to spark inspiration, feed your curiosity, and nurture your growing anti-capitalist business.


Take the Time Challenge

The 5 Days to Take Back Your Time Challenge will give you the tools to initiate a permanent breakup from busyness & hustle culture, institute & enforce boundaries, understand where your time is going, identify who benefits from your busyness, and teach you how to reclaim your time.


Book Emily for Public or Private Speaking 

Challenge your audience to imagine a world post-capitalism.  


Inquire about Curriculum Development & Program Facilitation 

A limited opportunity for deep mentorship for those in the public, political, and social movement-building space.


Interview Emily on Your Podcast or Local Radio 

3 simple ways to grow an anti-capitalist business and still make money. If you’ve been thinking about what else your business can do other than simply build and amass more individual wealth, but also, you kinda need to keep making some money, this class is for you. 


Hey! I'm Emily.

After years of working crap jobs, being verbally abused and taken advantage of, I finally decided to do something about it. What started as a quest to never step foot in another office has turned into a system that has helped dozens (shoot I think maybe hundreds at this point!) of small business owners step into who they really are and confidently show up in their businesses like never before. Oh, and make like some damn money and loads of impact in their communities at the same time. 



Not sure what needs your immediate attention in your business and what can wait?

You've got something to offer your community. Do you just come right out and make the dang thing and hope folks like it? Should you ask some people? And what about this nebulous, enormous, and often flat out gross world of marketing? When do you do that part? And how??? 

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easy way to step back and objectively answer the question, "what stage am I currently at?!"...

Take the Made 4 More quiz and I'll help you figure out through 10 questions where you and your business are at today. And then I'll make some recommendations on what to focus on.  


Such amazing feedback and ideas. Again, you keep blowing my mind with the level of support I receive here. 

Jennifer on her experience in the Made 4 More Mastermind in 2022.

Leah Sophrin on her experience with the Made 4 More curriculum.

Emily is invested in supporting my experience of success, defined by me, and providing guidance, knowledge, and tools along the way that will match me rather than trying to change me to match her resources. 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Thank you, Emily! All our work together helped me get here. 🙏 It feels really fucking good to have the energy and capacity to run straight at a challenge, while also holding boundaries on self-care. I didn't work weekends or late nights to do this. I focused and got creative. 

Becca Brown on achieving her highest revenue ever month and quarter.

A little disclaimer. I don't support the use of income report marketing on my site. This means you'll almost never see a testimonial or case study from my clients based solely on their income reports or other vanity metrics. I'm interested in supporting sustainable, regenerative, ethical businesses and have no need for marketing strategies that don't align with that mission. Don't be alarmed to not see a lot of money-focused data here. My folks are making money, we've just decided it's not the most interesting thing we do.