Is your business acting as a catalyst or a hindrance to you having the life you want?

business entrepreneur instincts May 01, 2020

So many business owners and women entrepreneurs tend to mistake working harder and longer for working smarter. If you’re a mama, this can be particularly hard as your hours truly are limited. You think you’re doing it right because you’re killing yourself working ALL. THE. HOURS. But you’re not actually supporting your business or creating the life you want to be leading. 

There is a fine line between structuring our businesses in a way that acts as a catalyst for all we want to do and structuring it in a way that’s actually holding us back. 

Here’s the difference:


❌Flying by the seat of your pants. Each day your to-do list consists only of things that impact right now.

❌Every aspect of your business requires 100% of you to work. If you stop working, the business falls flat.

❌You have to work 8+ hour days, 5+ days a week, and can rarely (if ever) take a vacation.



✅You have solid weekly, quarterly and annual plans for your biz. Your to-do list is a combination of immediate needs and future planning.

✅Your business is a blend of services/offerings that require your genius and rely on systems, structure and a team.

✅You dictate your ideal schedule, rarely overwork, and can afford to take as much vacation as you deem appropriate.

Need some support in making this transition? I got you, mama! This June I will be running a Group Business Coaching program designed specifically for women looking to transform their businesses from hindrance to catalyst. Know this is for you? Go get on the waitlist for this program ASAP as there are only 10 spots open for this intimate and strategic experience. 

More details will be rolling out this next week so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, let me know below, does your current business structure feel like a catalyst or a hindrance? 👇🏾

Wanna make some money, and fast? While we certainly prioritize our needs around here, we’re also strong believers that what we truly want deserves just as much time and attention as what we must have.

So whether you download this roadmap because you’re in a tight spot, or simply because you think bringing in a cool $5k over the next 5 weeks sounds pretty awesome (we agree), this guide was made for you. Enjoy!

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