like to read? rad. I like to write.


Welcome to my mostly weekly newsletter. I've found over the years that social media just isn't the place for me. You'll still find me posting in my stories and I do love me a stream of anti-capitalist memes, but writing and posting content in the feed brings me no joy. 


But email? Oooo do I love me a good newsletter. 

Here you will find a mostly up to date viewing of my weekly-ish newsletter I send out. I write about economics, my visions for a post-capitalist world, small business ownership, and caregiving as I am a mama to two tiny humans. 

I bring a conversational and (I think) humorous tone to a rather depressing, exhausting and dreadful topic: capitalism and "earning a living". (I also talk a lot about this AND trying to raise two tiny humans)

If you'd prefer to get these musing straight to your inbox you get join my mailing list below 👇 I almost never do any selling and I do offer loads of advice. And if not, no worries, friend. You can always just come to this page and read along. 

In solidarity, comrade. Enjoy! 💕

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