How to Trust Your Gut In Business

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Ever get to the office (back when that was a thing) and have a nagging hunch that you left the coffee pot on - and then sure enough when you get home, your entire apartment reeks of burnt ‘jo?

Have you ever had a seemingly unfounded feeling that someone isn’t being truthful - only to learn two days later that you did in fact fall for their lies?

Have you ever gotten the sense that your business is ready to hire an employee - and when you make the leap, your revenue drastically increases shortly thereafter?

These are all examples of a gut feeling - a combination of wisdom, experience, and innate intuition. We all experience gut feelings, but when it comes to actually paying attention to our gut, we tend to not always listen as closely as we ought to.

Among a host of other examples, our gut speaks to us about personal safety, relationships, careers, and business decisions - and it will seldom misinform us or steer us wrong.

So then why is it that when folks say to “follow your gut” and “listen to your intuition” when it comes to business, hardly ⁣anyone actually does?

The reality is that there are about a million reasons for this, but one of the biggest threats to self-trust is comparison, and the false belief that what we are doing in business isn’t the “right way to do it.”

Let’s say you’re a business owner and you’ve been following your business plan for a few years now.

You spent ample time creating the business plan, consulting a business coach, and have been working diligently since the business launched. You’ve been trusting your gut, and it’s been going well!

Lately though, you’ve taken your blinders off and have been paying a little more attention to what other folx in your industry are doing.

You can’t help but compare, and your insecurity starts to speak louder than your gut:

  • You see someone doing something cool on social, so you copy it and hope it works for you. ⁣

  • You see someone using a funnel strategy and think that must be the ultimate strategy, so you try that too. ⁣

  • You see a competitor switch to leadpages, so you do, too. ⁣

  • You see your biz bestie doing reels everyday, so you try too. ⁣

The through line here is the assumption that business is a one-size-fits-all endeavor when in reality, one size fits one when it comes to achieving success.

If you’re trying strategies that are out of alignment with your strengths and that weren’t part of your well-thought-out-and-consulted business plan, you’re setting yourself up for exhaustion and eventually, burnout.

When your actions in business are in direct alignment with your unique strengths, that is when you will see success. ⁣

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