5 Myths About Entrepreneurship

business entrepreneur instincts strengths Sep 01, 2020

Myth 1: Entrepreneurs don't quit.

Reality: Quitting is what makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs need to quit sometimes and there's 100% nothing wrong with quitting something that's not working. Let go of it. True success is knowing what to quit, when to quit, and doing it fast.


Myth 2: Entrepreneurs do exactly what they want to do.

Reality: As an entrepreneur, especially a solo one, you have to do a lot of stuff you don't really feel like doing, and maybe even hate doing. Our goal is to get you to a place where you're living 80% of the time in your zone of genius and 20% doing the shit that's just gotta get done.


Myth 3: Entrepreneurs know exactly what they want, and how to get it. 

Reality: Sister, I spend so much stinking time, just like you, figuring out what I want. Many entrepreneurs have no clue how to achieve their entrepreneurial passions, which is why I always recommend hiring a coach at some point in your journey.


Myth 4: Entrepreneurs are usually rich. 

Reality: Nope. Some entrepreneurs might become rich, but most don't start out that way. You don't need to be rich to start (I wasn't) and I strongly suggest you look into starting without going into massive debt.


Myth 5: Entrepreneurs take huge risks. 

Entrepreneurship is hard. And you are capable of hard things. Step into your spotlight, solopreneur.



Which one resonates most, 1-5? 👇 

“You’re so lucky, I wish I could dictate my schedule how I want.”

“You probably just work in your pjs and go on vacation whenever you want, right?”

“You must make a killing since you only have to pay yourself!”

“You must be so motivated, like, all the time!”


I know some of you may have heard some of these! I know I have. There’s a lot of myths around entrepreneurship. The reality is, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and in the beginning when you’re working solo, it’s a TON of work. But like my biz bestie says, the alternative is shit. 😂

Did you know I created a program called Made 4 More and it’s designed to take you from burned out, multi-tasking, skipping lunch to answer emails, totally fried solopreneur to strategic, spacious, well-fed, well-rested CEO?

And guess what? We’re accepting a small handful of sisters into the program right now. Think you might be a good fit? Ready to get off the hamster wheel or business mayhem? 

Schedule a free discovery call today and we’ll chat through what you can accomplish in the next 90-days inside this incredibly supportive and brilliant program surrounded by womxn just like you. These are womxn excited and ready to grow their business beyond themselves and also ready to learn the best way to do it.

Wanna make some money, and fast? While we certainly prioritize our needs around here, we’re also strong believers that what we truly want deserves just as much time and attention as what we must have.

So whether you download this roadmap because you’re in a tight spot, or simply because you think bringing in a cool $5k over the next 5 weeks sounds pretty awesome (we agree), this guide was made for you. Enjoy!


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